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For several years we have been an official dealer for Tarawa's ephemeral tattoos. Our fake tattoos are suitable for any occasion whether for an evening, on the beach, or before you get tattooed definitely the fake temporary tattoo is the best solution. Our skin jewelry is water resistant and lasts 2 to 5 days.

Discover our wide selection of ephemeral tattoos made in France at the best price. Our team also produces fake tattoos customized and personalized in less than 24h.

Stick my tattoo: temporary tattoo Sale

The online store of Stick my tattoo is a temporary tattoo site selling online. With a catalog covering all kinds of categories, tribal, polynesian, old school, dragon ... you simply find the temporary tattoo you want. With over a hundred different model, the online catalog offers an incredible choice to find temporary tattoo of your dreams.

Since its launch in 1995 and his team Sick-my-tattoo makes every effort to ensure unparalleled quality in its choice of temporary tattoo as well as the services that the site offers. It is from its warehouse located in the south of France at Cap d'Agde Stick-my-tattoo that manufactures and ships more than 2,500 tattoo month since it is more than 3,000 temporary tattoo references that are available, which ensures a reliable and fast delivery.
In addition to the wide choice offered fake tattoo, the site has been designed for quick and easy use as it is organized in different categories of temporary tattoos. So you can find the current offers on the homepage, the tribal temporary tattoos, Polynesian tattoos, temporary tattoo mandala, but also the ephemeral flower tattoo and heart. Also know that our online store offers a multitude of offers and promotions and this throughout the year, in order to find the temporary tattoo that suits you without breaking the bank.

Thus, whether for personal purchase or gift, many temporary tattoo model as dove tattoo, dolphin or the lion tattoos are found on stick-my-tattoo. Also on site enjoy a secure payment, and can adjust by credit card, Visa, Mastercard, but thanks to a Paypal account,

temporary tattoos quality at low prices on Stick-my-tattoo

You are looking for a good plan to buy temporary tattoos quality and cheap? That offers Stick-my-tattoo will surely interest you: balances on a wide range of temporary tattoo.

If you plan to offer or have a body jewelery or fake tatouge mode, check out the tips from Stick my tattoo, you will find a wide selection of temporary tattoo at great prices.
These good temporary tattoo plans cover many models, including: the tribal, the heart tattoo, fake diamond tattoo, the temporary tattoos of stars and many other models of fake tattoos.
The proposed reductions can reach up to 80% of the usual price. Enjoy, it's not everyday that you find as attractive tariffs, temporary tattoos quality

The temporary tattoos for the whole family.

On the online site selling temporary tattoo, you will find templates for woman, man and child (girl and boy). Styles: black temporary tattoos, temporary tattoo color and different size as small tattoos and large models fake tattoos

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